QDS Mastering

In 2015, QDS and the sound engineer Mickaël Rangeard joined forces and opened a mastering room in the QDS studios in the heart of Paris, QDS Mastering.

It is the very famous Michel Deluc who will realize the acoustics of the studio.

Today, QDS Mastering has had the chance to collaborate with artists such as:

Iggy Pop, Last Train, General Electriks, -M-, Jean-Louis Aubert, Calogero, Julien Clerc, Imany, Cock Robin, Hindi Zarah, Anthony Joseph, Mashrouleila and many others…

On the equipment side, the studio gets the best of digital as well as exceptional analog gears such as a pair of EAR660 compressors, a pair of Vacuvox U23m compressors, a GML 9500 Eq, a Buzz Audio REQ2 Eq, a Maselec MEA-2 Eq, a Maselec MTC-1X console or a Studer A812 analog recorder etc…

The main monitor is a pair of ATC 150, an essential reference today.

QDS Mastering will help you in the finalization of your projects, from CD to vinyl through streaming.