Studio Atmos


Progress in Spatial Audio technology are leading consumers to a brand new immersive listening experiences like no other format before.
Which is why QDS Studios launched a full array of ATMOS services with a 9.1.4 Dolby calibrated reference room.

With the help of renown acoustician Michel Deluc, we converted our Studio E into a pioneering industry-leading Dolby Atmos facility, and now we can work on Dolby Atmos Music projects for some of the recording industry’s biggest names.
We take pride on having a unique 9.1.4 AMADEUS speakers configuration custom built for our immersive surround mixing room.

Our new studio is designed to cater for all surround formats, including Dolby Atmos, with 9x column loudspeakers in the horizontal 360’ plane, 4x height loudspeakers with a height Sub, plus 4x Sub stack in the front wall as LFE channel.

Here at QDS Studios, we’re proud to provide everything you need to embark your next project in Spatial Audio.
Not an expert in surround? Our in-house engineers and assistants are here to help you in your immersive workflow and arm you with the best premium Atmos mixing room possible in Paris.

For rates and scheduling contact our project manager:

Control Room

Surface : 25.00 m²
Height : 2.50 m

Floor Plan