Studio B


Studio B is one of the most popular and in demand mix room in Paris City.
Designed by Michel Deluc with flush-mounted Custom ATC monitors, it offers impeccable acoustics with a comfortable, private atmosphere.

Centered around a stunning SSL 4000G+ 48 Input console with Ultimation Fader Automation, one of the most popular analog mixing consoles in the world, it’s a lovely room for creative writing, collaborating, overdubbing and mixing. The control room also has a separate vocal booth.

There is also a large collection of vintage and modern outboard gear, 5 bays of the finest (Pultecs, EAR, Urei, GML, etc) a set of vintage reverbs AMS RMX, EMT 240, EMT 245 and AKG BX10. Capture options are Studer (quarter-inch) and Lynx Hylo mastering converter.

Studio B offer the latest Mac Pro equipped with HDX card, Black Magic 4k card and an arsenal of plug-ins with octo UAD card.

There is a terrific choice of floating equipment, microphones and backline that Studio B clients have access to share with the building’s other two studios and will be subject to availability.

Control Room

Surface : 33.00 m²
Height : 2.45 m

Vocal Booth

Surface : 7.00 m²
Height : 2.45 m

Floor Plan