Julien Creus
Junior Sound Engineer

Recording/Mixing Assistant on: Partynextdoor, Roberto Alagna, Simply Red, Elliott Murphy, Imany, Juniore, Woodkid…

From an early age, music and cinema took a big part of Julien’s daily life. Concurrently with a master’s degree in Cinema and Archives, and later on in the Sound department of the E.N.S Louis Lumière, he kept on playing music and gradually led his career toward music recording and mixing.

Many thrilling and eclectic experiences in World-class studios (such as Question de Son and Ferber in Paris, or Wisseloord Studio’s (NL) where he stayed two years as an assistant), made him work for top notch artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, Simply Red, or Imany, and assist renowned engineers and producers (Helik Hadar, Ronald Prent, Andrew Wells, Attie…



Kaky Joli Monde
Pale Regard Ft. McBaise Absurdia - Fantasmagoria
Tetha Bound to Lose
Princess Thailand And We Shine
L'Enfant Dans Ma Tête
Yo & the South Regards

Selected Discography

Tetha, Bound to Lose
2022 – Indie
Theo Cormier, Wheel Sessions
2022 – Indie
Kaky, Joli Monde
2022 – Sony Music
L'Enfant, Dans Ma Tête
2022 – Indie
Cabale, Jours Etroits (Single)
2022 – Universal
Erige Sehiri, Sous les Figues (Long-Métrage)
Rachid Bouchareb, Nos Frangins (Long-métrage)
Youn Sun Nah, Waking World
2022 – Warner
Marc Lavoine, Adulte Jamais
2022 – Universal
Un Homme Heureux (Long-Métrage), Tristan Séguéla
Metro, Lumière (Live Session)
2021 – Indie
Utgang, Exhale (Single)
2021 – TONN Recordings
Isambourg, Perle Rare Acoustic (Single)
2021 – Indie
Woodkid, Prologue - Single
2021 – Green United Music
Nico Kimbro, Live QDS (EP)
2021 – Indie
Bleu Berline, Mon Amie la rose (Single)
2021 – Indie
Louannemanshow, Emmène Moi Là (Single)
2021 – Indie
Cloud, Live Acoustic Session
2021 – Jo&Co
Pâle Regard, Fantasmagoria (Single)
2021 – Dirty Melody
Romane, Talking to a Wall (Single)
2021 – Un Plan Simple
Anthony Joseph, The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running For Their Lives
2021 – Heavenly Sweetness
Isambourg, Aujourd’hui (Single)
2021 – Indie
Russell Perkins, The Future Tense
2021 – Fiminco
En Attendant Ana, Reprise - France TV
2020 – La Blogothèque
Christine & the Queen, 3SEX (Single)
2020 – Sony
Achille, Vie normale (Session Live)
2020 – Seasidz Pictures
Setenta, Materia Negra
2020 – Latin Big Note
Bleu Berline, Otchi Tchorni (Single)
2020 – Indie
Yo & the South, Regards (Single)
2020 – Indie
Princess Thailand, And We Shine
2020 – A Tant Rêver Du Roi
Imperial , Ritournelle (Single)
2020 – Indie
Numa, Life Out Of The Box (Single)
2020 – Indie
Ben & Slane, Made of Gold
2020 – Indie
Julien Bitoun & the Angels, Big White Moon
2020 – Indie
Imperial , Urgence (Single)
2020 – Indie
X-Raiders, Weltschmertz
2020 – Indie
ZLEW, Shadows (Single)
2020 – Indie
Adelina, Say I Do - Live (Single)
2020 – Indie
Ramon Pipin, Alafu - Je Promène le Chien (single)
2020 – Indie
Trippie Redd Ft. Youv Dee, Bust Down Deux (Single)
2019 – Ten Thousand
Imany, Live at the Casino de Paris
2019 – Think Zik
Al Sunny, Planets
2019 – Favorite Recordings
Byrd, Gone / Lose The Track (Double single)
2019 – Indie
Princess Thailand, Now/Where & Parking (Double Single)
2019 – A Tant Rêver Du Roi
Garou, Soul City
2019 – Panthéon
Electric Retro Spectrum, Suburban (EP)
2019 – Stolen Body Records
Pâle Regard, Fait Accompli (Single)
2018 – Dirty Melody
Bloom Antenna, Bloom Antenna (EP)
2019 – Indie
Kovacs, Live At Wisseloord
2018 – Sony ATV
The Wadden Sea - Livin on the Edge, Rubben Smit (Film)
Blue Marble, Live at Wisseloord
2018 – Indie
Lost Island ft. Hobbs, Said to Me (Single)
2018 – Riptide Records
Jurgen Burdorf, Pickin’ Up Steam
2018 – Indie
Simply Red, Symphonica in Rosso
2018 – BMG
Juniore, Ouh Là Là
2017 – Le Phonographe
Elliott Murphy, Prodigal Son
2017 – Indie
Roberto Alagna, Malèna
2016 – Decca Records